These Paintings project clouds of luminescent color mid-air when viewed with special glasses.
Inviting Wonder with innovative art Nancy Ferrier Explains it all

How do you SELL the Invisible On line?

Our artist Ken Gidge has to sell his paintings that are spectacular. These paintings project clouds of

shinning color that appear to float off the canvas The layers of the painting look like glistening see through silk or brilliant stained glass. It is a startling and delightful effect that so astonishes the viewer, they experience a moment of "wonder" and return to a child-like state of pure curiosity. This singular style invented by Ken Gidge is unlike other optical illusion painting
. Because although these painting are 3D in person with the special glasses, they can’t be seen on the computer screen.
In this case, the Emperor IS Wearing clothes but you can’t see them on TV or on computer screen.

Nancy Ferrier Explains it ALL

Wild Turkey Camophlage Fish.
Price: $150.00
Price: $150.00
Wild Turkey is  a colorful and amusing bird. Did you know Ben Franklin wanted to make the Turkey the national bird? This is small  8 x10 on canvas and cannot be duplicated. With the 3d glasses this creature hides in the water and weeds. Holy Cow Batman - It's a Fishmophlage
Octopus Garden Red Line Fish
Price: $250.00
Price: $125.00
Octopus garden is a salute to the Beatles song. Although warm colors of orange and yellow this 3D painting seems to portray seaweeds, jelly fish and sea creatures. One of the 3d colorscape collection. Red Line Fish Crazy color and this thing POPs off the page... what a great addition to a fancy bathroom ! 10 x 12
Beggars Cross Cosmic Daffodils
Price: $500.00
Price: $250.00
Highly dramatic and evocative-After seeing this painting a gentleman remarked,"I was't religious until I saw this. The background is now a vibrant deep pink. ( I'm sorry I can't keep the artist from fussing over the work ) Practically leaps off the wall. 36 x 24 This is also available as a Greeting Card, poster, fine art print from Fine Art America
Layers  and subtle slices of orange and yellows.  Twenty inches in diameter on canvas.The petals of the flower extrude and the throats sink in. Awesome.

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